Strategic Intellectual Property Management enabling Maori whanau development

Later today, Te Taumata will release a critical analysis of intersecting views raised by Māori whanau across the motu on the protection of Māori rights and interests in whenua, flora and fauna, mātauranga Māori, traditional knowledge, cultural property, and data within the global intellectual property system.

Te Taumata chair, Chris Karamea Insley, says COVID-19 is unprecedented in the impact it is having on our whanau, the nation, and indeed the world.

“It’s forcing us to revisit and challenge all our generally accepted views, rules and practices. For Maori, this critical analysis is timely,” he says.

The analysis proposes a new approach for Maori to secure and benefit from Maori tangible and intangible assets, nationally and internationally, and outlines initial steps towards creating a ‘smart’, collective Maori economy.
“The proposals are consistent with the objectives of government and the Three Kete of the Te Pae Tawhiti, but present Maori with the means to seize now valuable options for our future,” says Mr Insley.