Te Taumata is encouraged by a joint statement by trade ministers from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Korea and Singapore to develop action plans to facilitate flow of goods, services and personnel, as well as maintain global supply chains.

The statement identified the COVID-19 outbreak as presenting a global challenge which required a coordinated global response.

Te Taumata chair, Chris Karamea Insley, says it is encouraging to see this level of cooperation among the five countries, and encourages discussion to continue during these tough times.

“The efforts by these countries to continue trade discussions is something we strongly encourage to continue, especially the provision of essential medical supplies during the global pandemic.

“The removal of tariffs and non-tariff barriers of products from our Māori businesses is also of significant interest. Māori own a large proportion of assets in primary production, such as fishing, forestry, and farming, so are particularly exposed by the higher tariffs these sectors are charged. We’re keen to see that barrier reduced to zero.”

The full statement can be viewed here