18 October, 2020

Browning of New Zealand Parliament: Our Journey Continues

Te Taumata – a business network focused on better trade outcomes for Māori – welcomes the return of a Labour-led Government, with a possible coalition with the Greens and Māori Party following the election. 

This will ensure essential continuity and progress in global trade negotiations, started in the last 12 months, to advance the interests of whānau and business exporters, says Te Taumata Chair, Chris Karamea Insley.

“While special votes obviously still need to be confirmed, it is incredibly encouraging to see up to 35 Māori MPs in Parliament as a result of this election, and especially refreshing to see young MPs coming in with their drive, energy and new ideas to tackle the big issues confronting whanau, our nation and the planet.

“We have seen some significant global developments in the past three years, including COVID-19, climate change and Brexit, which all have the potential to have a serious impact on New Zealand’s export economy – and in turn, the Māori economy and outcomes for whānau,” says Mr Insley.

“Ensuring Aotearoa remains at the forefront of global trade decisions and developments is imperative, and the consistency of a follow-on Labour-led Government will help ensure that.”

Mr Insley says important priorities for the Government will need to include accelerating negotiations with both the United Kingdom and the European Union, while ensuring sustainability outcomes and Te Tiriti o Waitangi principles are incorporated.

“The Māori economy has an asset base estimated to be worth around $50 billion, making an increasingly significant contribution to the growth of the national economy.

“It is critical that this Māori voice is heard in international trade discussions – but this is not just about supporting our export businesses, it’s about ensuring a thriving and prosperous future for whānau and local communities. 

“This is our reason for being and we look forward to working with the new Government Ministers on a transformational agenda to achieve greater outcomes for Māori and all New Zealanders from an economic, environmental, cultural and social point of view.”

Kei te haere tonu to tatou mahi! (Our journey continues)