Me aro tonu – we need your help! Always at the forefront supporting Aotearoa’s critical trade frameworks, Te Taumata is asking stakeholders to share their views so we can submit feedback about the Trade for All policy.

Trade for All launched two years ago to refresh Aotearoa’s trade policy, ensuring it delivers for all New Zealanders.

The Trade for All Advisory Board was established as one of the outcomes of the process and have since provided Government with an independent report, identifying and discussing key issues, with recommendations on trade policy.

Te Taumata is now asking our stakeholders, who are at the ‘coal face’ of everyday trade issues, to let us know how satisfied you are with the current Trade, Environment and Climate Change framework and whether it aligns with and encourages Māori values and knowledge.

In particular, we are keen to hear your whakaaro/considerations on what issues should be advised in this framework that haven’t been addressed and how indigenous intellectual and cultural property can be protected and promoted.

With your valuable feedback Te Taumata will make sure our collective voices are heard. 

We appreciate you taking the time to share your kōrero with us – we will keep you updated on any feedback and/or outcomes.