Te Taumata encourages rangatahi who are looking at tertiary education options to inquire about the scholarship and internship opportunities available to them.

Many tertiary institutes have partnerships in place to support rangatahi to pursue higher education.

Victoria University of Wellington run the Taihonoa partnership programme, working in conjunction with Māori-led organisations to provide financial support for students learning at the university.

In 2021, Victoria University sponsored up to $561,000 towards Taihonoa scholarships, grants and summer internships, with the collective impact of co-funding with Taihonoa partners reaching more than $1.5 million.

As part of this programme, rangatahi are also encouraged to apply for summer internships with Taihonoa partners. These are often invaluable experiences and offer a glimpse into real workplaces in any given field.

It is important rangatahi are empowered to seize these opportunities to ensure tauira Māori benefit from this support.